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From electricians on their building sites, to the management of large industrial projects, we are able to answer and even anticipate our customers’ specific need.


For the industrial sector, we provide innovative solutions of electrical suppliers helping our customer to optimize their total costs.

Combining products, technical knowledge and project management expertise with important supply chain capability, we focus on deploying the right solution according to your needs to maximize your production and optimize your spend.

We offer safety, reliability, quality process management and customer satisfaction oriented policy.

Our accreditations:


Integrated Supplies (MRO)

  • Dedicated offer from industrial control and automation to Maintenance Repair & Operation supplies
  • Full range of products from major reputable brands
  • Technical support
  • Supply chain solutions to optimize your cost, consumption and inventories ( Total cost of ownership tracking)
  • Selection of products meeting your requirement in terms of safety & quality


  • Assembling facilities
  • Back end or on-site technical support
  • Full range of products from major reputable brands
  • Energy efficiency solution

Oil & Gas Specialized Projects

On both on/off-shore platforms and mining companies:

We support Oil & Gas companies at any stage –from construction, maintenance, repair to emergencies– we keep our products and services prepared and convenient for customer’s requirements.

  • Major reputable brands with the highest safety standards
  • Dedicated sales team expertise
  • 30 years + track recordin South East Asia

Commercial & Hospitality

Closely partnering with you from planning to construction, retrofit or renovation stages, we can support our customers in retail (malls and stores) and hospitality (large chains of hotels or independent) from technical, architectural, designing to project management for all areas.

  • Represent an extensive range of products, from electrical components, cable management system, lighting to hardware
  • Supply innovative products and services to the hospitality industry , including on line store, inventory management, LED lighting design, on-site support and global sourcing
  • Increase customers’ efficiency and productivity by providing a one-stop shop service
  • Dedicated team to provide sales and technical support
  • Work hand in hand with our well established global partners to serve customers’ needs

Retail Stores

Thanks to our large selection of products and our logistic capabilities, 15 stock locations across South East Asia, we guarantee fast delivery of quality products that meet your expectations making business more efficient.

  • Full core supply, including electrical distribution, wiring devices, lighting products, cables, conduits, tools, conduits …
  • 5,000 Skus on stock
  • Day+1 delivery in urban areas, Day+3 maximum for stocked items in our covered territories
  • Reliable daily sales and technical support
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