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What has been your career path?

I started my career as Sales Administrator with Lighting 2 Day, a lighting business company. Then, I joined Banchiang System Company, my job was administrator, I was uploading datas into the system... In May 2008, I joined QT1995 as warehouse administrator.

What are your current responsibilities?

I am responsible for the invoicing process and delivering/logistics related documents. I ensure delivering and invoices are completely and correctly done, after that I pass the documents to Accounting Department.

I also manage claims process and documents. And I ensure good coordination with the Admin department to maintain and manage general office supply stock, such as stationary items, wrapping, papers, etc…

What inspires you in your work?

Working environment and colleagues are important to me. To help each other as teamwork, and ensure that everyone has same goal to achieve is my main inspiration.


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